Best Business Freebie Gifts To Give Potential Customers

It may seem counterintuitive to give away anything for free when your business is supposed to be earning money. However, there are ways you can grant freebies to potential customers at minimal cost and in turn, help grows your business. 

Giving freebies can generate positive buzz about your brand and encourage those on the fence to give your products a try. If it involves sampling products, it will stimulate potential customers to convert and try more of what you offer if they are pleased. Here are some helpful ideas on possible freebies that may intrigue your target market and help boost the image of your brand. 

Free Wi-Fi

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

This is a great freebie to offer especially when you run a brick-and-mortar establishment. While some people may abuse the privilege, others will appreciate the convenience and will linger longer in your store, looking over whatever products or services you offer. This is the reason you will find many cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants offering free Wi-Fi. Anyone would feel uncomfortable just sitting there enjoying your Wi-Fi without buying something. 

Branded Trinkets 

There are many branded trinkets you can keep around your business to give out as freebies. Items like branded pens, key chains, hats, t-shirts, and so on can be quite affordable when you purchase in bulk. They provide an easy way to remind people about your business, how to contact it and what it offers. The more memorable you make your brand to potential customers, the more likely they are to try you out. You can give out these trinkets at events, as gifts with purchases, and even to suppliers. It is all about getting your name out there. 

Product Samples 

Free samples of your product are always welcome. This is naturally easier when you can package your product in small sample sizes that would allow potential customers to try before they buy, but without breaking the bank. Food sample counters are popular at local stores and markets. You can even use this to collect data through questionnaires and find out people’s impressions of your products and brand. 


Add-ons are freebies you give to existing customers of other products or services they have not already bought from you previously. It allows you to inform them of the other offerings you have they have yet to give a try. For instance, if you run a lawn mowing business, you can cut your client’s grass and as an add-on offer free tree care maintenance. This type of freebie is especially helpful when you are expanding your range of products and services and want to tap into your existing clientele to boost their sales. 


Opt-in freebies allow you to make a trade for a freebie. They are typically used to help generate leads. They are often used in the digital world. For instance, in exchange for a free e-book on a specialized subject, you request signup to your email newsletter. This allows you to secure a strong lead that you can easily market to and hopefully convert in time.

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