Affordable Housing Options in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is a beautiful beach city in the eastern part of Thailand. Historically known for fishing, Pattaya has now become a hub for tourism, relaxation and fun. The city is lined with a beautiful beach and housing several exquisite resorts and hotels, clubs, spas, shops, streets with lovely views and religious monuments, there are always sites to see and exciting activities for the young and old. Day or night.

Approximately a 2-hour drive from the nation’s capital, Bangkok, Pattaya has seen increased tourist visits and migration (temporary and permanent) over the years. The increased visits to this vibrant city have played a serious role in socio-economic changes. Also, with the forces of demand and supply, accommodation has become an issue of great importance, though it is cheaper than in Bangkok.

For housing, affordability may not be based on a one-size-fits-all analysis, because it is not just about low prices but also about all-round value. So if someone wants to buy a house in Pattaya, it would be necessary to look at other important factors like electricity, security and transportation, besides the rent or cost of purchase of property. You also have to know the preferences of the clients. What matters to them? Comfort, safety, hustle and bustle or peace?

Finding the Right Area 

The more vibrant areas like Central Pattaya, Bali Hai Pier and some parts of Pratamnak, have a greater population (Central Pattaya having the highest) because of the beehive of activities and tourist locations. These factors make it a ready market for rental and purchase of property. Housing is expensive, but residents are content with their proximity to tourist sites. Tourist presence means some of these parts also have some criminal activity like pocket-picking. Housing is cheaper in Jomtien than in Central Pattaya, and there are more serene homes in Jomtien as well. Within Central Pattaya, walking around town is a norm, rather than driving. 

Even though we generalise the fact that Pattaya is filled with activities, some areas are quiet. The part of Pratamnack, which is home to the elites and the houses with nature, and Bang Saray are all calm. But while Pratamnack is expensive, Bang Saray is cheaper even if it is home to the Columbia Pictures Aquaverse.

Affordable Accommodation

Clients can readily rent houses in the less expensive areas which are more serene and use local transportation when they want to go to other places to save cost, but these would be more for residents because tourists would want to be closer to the fun. Investors can buy property in the vibrant or calm areas for different reasons. The vibrant areas will always have people seeking accommodation. So, they will have tenants regularly and the value of their property will appreciate.

These are just a few of the areas in the sections of Pattaya, but the general idea is to ensure that we consider all factors, like transportation, in reviewing homes for rent and purchase. Everyone in Pattaya can get accommodation they can afford; but it will require a little extra effort so that all aspects are holistically considered from the start

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