Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies

Anglo-Norman Studies XXXVIII
Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2015

Edited by Elisabeth van Houts

1   From the Articles of the Barons to Magna Carta
John Hudson
2   Jews in the Glosses of a Late Twelfth-Century Anglo-Norman Gratian Manuscript [Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College, MS 283/676]
Anna Sapir Abulafia
3   Monastic Autonomy, Episcopal Authority and the Norman Conquest: the records of Barking Abbey
Casey Beaumont
4   Economy Distorted, Economy Restored: order, economy and salvation in Anglo-Norman monastic writing
Giles E.M. Gasper
5   Monastic Patronage and Family Disputes in Eleventh- and Early Twelfth-Century Normandy
Kate Hammond
6   Constance, Princess of Antioch [1130-1164]: ancestry, marriages and family
Alan V Murray
7   Early Aristocratic Seals: an Anglo-Norman success story
Jean-François Nieus
8   English Towns and Urban Society after the Norman Conquest
Jonathan Paletta
9   Wreck of Sea in Law and Practice in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century England
Susan Raich
10   Social Life and Religious Culture in Twelfth-Century Norwich and Norfolk
Miri Rubin
11   Bad crusaders? The Normans of Southern Italy and the Crusading Movement in the Twelfth Century
Luigi Russo
12   Turold, Wadard, and Vitalis: Why are they on the Bayeux Tapestry?
Hugh M Thomas
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