Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies

Anglo-Norman Studies XXIII
Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2000

Edited by John Gillingham

1   The New Wealth, the New Rich and the New Political Style in Late Anglo-Saxon England (The Allen Brown Memorial Lecture)
Robin Fleming
2   The Earls of Mercia and their Commended Men
Stephen Baxter
3   'The feet of those that bark shall be cut off': Timorous Historians and the Personality of Henry I
Alan Cooper
4   Peaceable Power in English Castles
Charles Coulson
5   Monastic Hospitality: the Benedictines in England, c.1075-1245
Julie Kerr
6   'An unfinished business': Angevin Politics and the Siege of Toulouse (1159)
Jane P. Martindale
7   The Dynamics of Lordship and Landscape as revealed in a Domesday study of the Nova Foresta
Karin Mew
8   Ballyloughan, Ballymoon and Clonmore: three castles of c.1300 in County Carlow
Tadhg O'Keeffe
9   Monastic Foundation Strategies in the early Norman diocese of Norwich
Tim Pestell
10   Learning to Love the Leper: Aspects of Institutional Charity in Anglo-Norman England
Carole Rawcliffe
11   Keeping up with the Godwinesons: In Pursuit of Aristocratic Status in late Anglo-Saxon England
Christine Senecal
12   The Language of the Bayeux Tapestry Inscription
Ian Short
13   The legend of Saint Rictrude: formation and transformations (10th-12th century)
Karine Uge
14   Kingship, Usurpation and Propaganda in Twelfth-Century Europe - the Case of Stephen
Björn Weiler
15   The Significance of Slavery: Alternative Approaches to Anglo- Saxon Slavery
David Wyatt
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