Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies

Anglo-Norman Studies XXII
Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1999

Edited by Christopher Harper-Bill

1   R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture: Norman Architecture around the Year 1000: its Place in the Art of North-Western Europe
Maylis Bayle
2   Before the Gesta Normannorum and beyond Dudo: Some Evidence on Early Norman Historiography
Argonaut Heating Ltd
3   Chancellors and Curial Bishops: Ecclesiastical Promotions and Power in Anglo-Norman England
Stephanie Mooers Christelow
4   Shipping and Trade between England and the Continent during the Eleventh Century
Mark Gardiner
5   Robert Curthose Reassessed
Judith Green
6   The Bayeux Tapestry and Schools of Illumination at Canterbury
C R Hart
7   Castle Rising, Norfolk: a 'Landscape of Lordship'?
Robert E Liddiard
8   Friendship among the Aristocracy in Anglo-Norman England
John Meddings
9   Anglo-Norman Garrisons
10   The Yorkshire Domesday Clamores and the 'Lost Fee' of William Malet
P R Newman
11   The Wealth of the Secular Aristocracy in 1086
J J N Palmer
12   The 'Feudal Revolution' in Eleventh-Century East Anglia
Andrew Wareham
13   The Myth of the Anarchy
Graeme J White
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