Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies

Anglo-Norman Studies XVII
Proceedings of the Battle Conference 1994

Edited by Christopher Harper-Bill

1   R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture: Les châteaux de la vallée de l'Huisne dans le Perche Joseph DecaensJoseph Decaens
2   Eleventh-century missions and the early stages of ecclesiastical organisation in Scandinavia
Lesley Abrams
3   Lordship in Maine: transformation, service and anger
Richard E Barton
4   The French matrix of the castle-provisions of the Chester- Leicester conventio
Charles Coulson
5   Dowager countesses, 1069-1230
RaGena DeAragon
6   Oral testimony and the domesday inquest
Robin Fleming
7   The French in england before the norman conquest
C P Lewis
8   La Ville de Sées du haut moyen âge à l'époque ducale
François Neveux
9   Monks and nobles in the anglo-saxon monastic reform
Janet Pope
10   What did the frontier of Angevin normandy comprise?
Daniel Power
11   Ecclesiastical reorganisation in the principality of Salerno in the late lombard and early norman period
Valerie Ramseyer
12   The motives and politics of the Bigod family, c.1066-1177
Andrew Wareham
13   Laga Eadwardi: the Textus Roffensis and its context
Patrick Wormald
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