Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies

Anglo-Norman Studies XXXV
Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2012

Edited by David Bates

   Editor's Preface
1   A Three-cornered Dynamic of Redemption in the 'Long' Thirteenth Century: Villein Manumissions and the Theology of the Incarnation [The Allen Brown Memorial Lecture, 2011]
Paul Hyams
2   Femmes en religion, personnes d'autorité: les abbesses normandes [XIe-XIIIe siècles] [The Allen Brown Memorial Lecture, 2012]
Véronique Gazeau
3   The Role of the Curator of the Bayeux Tapestry
Sylvette Lemagnen
4   Early Normandy
Lesley Abrams
5   The Norman Conquest, Countess Adela, and Abbot Baudri
Bernard S Bachrach
6   Baldric of Bourgueil and the Flawed Hero
Steven J. Biddlecombe
7   John Bilson [1856-1943] and the Study of Anglo-Norman Romanesque
Alexandrina Buchanan
8   The Identity of the Designer of the Bayeux Tapestry
Howard B. Clarke
9   The Pseudo-Hugh Falcandus in his own Texts
Edoardo D'Angelo
10   The Thirteenth-Century Chronique de Normandie
Gregory Fedorenko
11   Les investitures abbatiales en Normandie: quelques réflexions autour du cas de l'abbaye du Bec-Hellouin [1034-1136]
Jean-Hervé Foulon
12   Robert Curthose: The Duke who Lost His Trousers
George Garnett
13   Sufficientia: A Horatian Topos and the Boundaries of the Self in Three Twelfth-Century Poems
Monika C Otter
14   Aristocratic Acta in Normandy and England, c.1150-c.1250: The Charters and Letters of the Du Hommet constables of Normandy
Daniel Power
15   Crime without Punishment: Medieval Scottish Law in Comparative Perspective
Alice Taylor
16   Landscape and Belief in Anglo-Norman England
Carl S. Watkins
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