Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies

Anglo-Norman Studies XXXI
Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2008

Edited by C.P. Lewis

C P Lewis
1   Kingship, Lordship, and Community in Eleventh-Century England [R. Allen Brown Memorial Lecture]
Judith Green
2   Citadels of God: Monasteries, Violence, and the Struggle for Power in Northern England, 1135-1154
Janet Burton
3   Writing Civil War in Henry of Huntingdon's Historia Anglorum
Catherine A M Clarke
4   Land, Family, and Depredation: The Case of St Benet of Holme's Manor of Little Melton
Sébastien Danielo
5   Brothers at Court: Urse de Abetot and Robert Dispenser
Emma Mason
6   Gerald of Wales and the Prophet Merlin
Ad Putter
7   The First Hundred Years of the Abbey of Tiron: Institutionalizing the Reform of the Forest Hermits
Kathleen Thompson
8   All Roads Lead to Chartres: The House of Blois, the Papacy, and the Anglo-Norman Succession of 1135
Jean A Truax
9   The Vita Ædwardi: The Politics of Poetry at Wilton Abbey
Elizabeth M. Tyler
10   William of Malmesbury, King Henry I, and the Gesta Regum Anglorum
Björn Weiler
11   Twelfth-Century Receptions of a Text: Anglo-Norman Historians and Hegesippus
Neil Wright

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