Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies

Anglo-Norman Studies XXX
Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2007

Edited by C.P. Lewis

1   The Normans in Welsh History
Huw Pryce
2   William Marshal, Lancelot, and Arthur: Chivalry and Kingship
Laura Ashe
3   Grades of Ordination and Clerical Careers, c. 900-c. 1200
Julia Barrow
4   Evesham J and Evesham L: Two Early Twelfth-Century Manorial Surveys
Howard B. Clarke
5   Aspects of Church Reform in Wales, c. 1093-c. 1223
John Davies
6   Lay Charters and the Acta of Henry II
Judith Everard
7   Reinventing Normans as Crusaders? Ralph of Caen's Gesta Tancredi
Natasha R. Hodgson
8   Kings, Lords, Charters, and the Political Culture of Twelfth-Century Wales
Charles Insley
9   Identifying the Warrior on the Pre-Heraldic Battlefield
Robert W. Jones
10   St Nicholas the Pilgrim and the City of Trani between Greeks and Normans, c. 1090-c. 1140
Paul Oldfield
11   The `Resurgence' of Powys in the Late Eleventh and Early Twelfth Centuries
David Stephenson
12   Interpreter Families and Anglo-Welsh Relations in the Shropshire-Powys Marches in the Twelfth Century
Frederick C Suppe
13   A Taste for the Antique? Henry of Blois and the Arts
Jeffrey West
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