Commemorating the 950th anniversary of ‘1066’
‘The Norman Conquest of England in European perspective’
Friday 29 July 2016
2:00pm-4:00pm   Registration

5:00pm   Christopher Lewis (Allen Brown Memorial Lecture )
The Magnitude of the Conquest: Audacity and Ambition in Early Norman England
6:00pm   Drinks
7:30pm   Dinner
Saturday 30 July 2016
9:00am   Julie Barrau (University of Cambridge)
Post-Conquest Circulation of Biblical and Patristic Manuscripts across the Channel
10:15am   Coffee
10:30am   Laura Cleaver (Trinity College, Dublin)
Forging the Battle Abbey Chronicle (British Library, Cotton MS AII)
11:45am   Elisabeth Ridel (University of Caen- CNRS) slot fine
Les préparatifs nautiques de la Conquête: un héritage viking? Les mots ont la parole...
1:00pm   Lunch
2:00pm   Public History Forum in collaboration with English Heritage
Chris Lewis, Lindy Grant, Roy Porter, Jeremy Ashbee
4:00pm   Visit Battle Abbey and battle field
6:00pm   Reception
7:30pm   Conference Dinner
Sunday 31 July 2016
9:30am   Simon Keynes (University of Cambridge)
Earl Harold and the Foundation of Waltham Holy Cross
10:45am   Coffee
11:00am   Sir Christopher Clark (University of Cambridge)
Why battles do matter
12:30pm   Lunch
2:00pm   Brigitte Meijns (University of Leuven)
England and Flanders Around 1066: Ecclesiastical Relations and Influences
3:15pm   Tea
3:30pm   Marjorie Chibnall Essay Prize winner
7:30pm   Dinner
Monday 1 August  2016
9:00am   Alheydis Plassmann (Bonn)
England and Germany in the Eleventh Century
10:15am   Coffee
10:30am   Stephen Baxter (University of Oxford)
11:45am   Brian Golding (independent scholar)
Remembering Battle and the Entente Cordiale
1:00pm   Lunch
2:00pm   Ann Williams (London)
Of Danes and Thegns and Domesday Book: the Danish settlement of Berkshire in the early eleventh century
3:15pm   Tea
3:30pm   Chris Whittick (East Sussex County Archives)
Battle Abbey and the Vellomaniacs – locating the monastic archive


Tuesday 2 August 2016
9:00am   Mark Philpott (University of Oxford)
The Coronation(s) of the Conqueror
11:00am   Coffee
11:15am   Thomas O’Donnell (Fordham University, New York)
William the Conqueror and his Life in Verse: Politics and Poetics in the High Middle Ages
12:30pm   Lunch and departure