Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies



The Allen Brown Memorial Lecture and the conference sessions will be held in l’Espace Saint-Patrice (1 Place Saint-Patrice, 14400 Bayeux).
Thursday 26 July


 Arrival in Bayeux

1:30pm-4:00pm   Registration at L’Espace Saint-Patrice. Tea and coffee will be provided.
5:00pm   Allen Brown Memorial Lecture
Véronique GAZEAU (Université de Caen Basse-Normandie): ‘Femmes en religion, personnes d’autorité: les abbesses normandes (
XIe-XIIIe siècles)’
6:30pm-7:30pm   Reception hosted by the Mayor of Bayeux (L’Hôtel du Doyen)
8:00pm   Dinner. L’Hotellerie La Joie Saint Benoît, Bayeux
Friday 27 July
9:30am   Bernard S. BACHRACH: ‘Countess Adela, Abbot Baudri, and the Norman Conquest’
10:45am   Tea/Coffee
11:15am   Jean-Hervé FOULON (Aix-en-Provence): ‘Les investitures abbatiales en Normandie : quelques réflexions autour du cas de l’abbaye du Bec-Hellouin (1034-1136)’
12:30pm   Buffet Lunch
2:00pm   Steven BIDDLECOMBE (Bristol): ‘Baldric, the Gesta and the Flawed Hero: Baldric of Bourgueil’s Depiction of Bohemond of Antioch’
3:15pm   Tea/Coffee
3:45pm   Lesley ABRAMS (Oxford): ‘Early Normandy: Politics, Religion, and Scandinavian Culture’
5:00pm   End of Day’s Proceedings
7:30pm   Dinner. L’Hotellerie La Joie Saint Benoît, Bayeux
Saturday 28 July
9:30am-12:30pm   Visit to Bayeux Cathedral, including visits to western towers, galleries and roof and visits to Chapter House, Chapter Library, and Trésor. For safety reasons, the visits to the galleries, towers and roof will require that the conference be divided into groups.
12:30pm   Buffet Lunch
2:00pm   Edoardo D’ANGELO (University of Naples): ‘A Literary Identikit for the Pseudo-Falcandus’
3:15pm   Tea/Coffee
3:45pm   Howard CLARKE: ‘The Identity of the Designer of the Bayeux Tapestry’
5:00pm   End of Day’s Proceedings
7.30pm   Conference Dinner. Grand Hôtel du Luxembourg, Bayeux
Sunday 29 July
9:30am   Carl WATKINS (Cambridge): ‘Landscape and Belief in Anglo-Norman England’
10:45am   Tea/Coffee
11:15am   Susan JOHNS (Bangor): ‘Gender, gens and Genre in Robert of Torigni and Wace: Comparisons and Contrasts’
12:30pm   Buffet Lunch
2:00pm   Alice TAYLOR (King’s College, London): ‘Through the Heedlessness and Folly of Lords?: Servile Homage in the Central Middle Ages’
3:15pm   Tea/Coffee
3:45pm   Monika OTTER (Dartmouth College): ‘Sufficientia: Baudri of Bourgueil’s Public and Private Selves’
5:00pm   Break


  Sylvette LEMAGNEN (Conservateur en chef de la Tapisserie de Bayeux): ‘La Tapisserie de Bayeux au 21e siècle’


  Visit to the Tapestry.


  Dinner. L’Hotellerie La Joie Saint Benoît, Bayeux
Monday 30 July
9:30am   Alexandrina BUCHANAN (Liverpool): ‘John Bilson (1856-1943) and Anglo-Norman Architectural Studies’
10:45am   Tea/Coffee
11:15am   Gregory FEDORENKO: ‘The Thirteenth-Century Prose Chronique de Normandie
12:30pm   Buffet Lunch
2:00pm   Visits to the priory of Saint-Gabriel, the church of Thaon, and the castle of Creully. Guides: Lindy Grant, Pierre Bouet and Edward Impey.
7:30pm   Dinner at La Ferme de la Rançonnière, Crépon
10:00pm   Return to Bayeux
Tuesday 31 July
9:30am   George GARNETT (Oxford): ‘Robert Curthose – the Duke who never was’
10:45am   Coffee/Tea
11:15am   Daniel POWER (Swansea): ‘Aristocratic Acta in Normandy and England: The Example of the Du Hommet constables of Normandy, c.1150-c.1250’
12:30pm   Buffet Lunch
    End of Conference and Departure